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IDS-Technology has been operating since 2006. The focus of the company is on development and construction concerning electrotechnical products and electrical engineering for industrial plants. A team of specialists with individual experience of 20 years in development and daily practice brought their ideas and knowledge together to create a more efficient solution for modular switchboards, specially for Motor-Control-Centre (MCC) in fully withdrawable-technology or semi-withdrawable type.

The switchgear-integration-kit „e-con s.i. (energy-control; solution integrated) enables panel builders to easily convert their fixed mounted switch-boards to a modular withdrawable-technology with all its technical advantages concerning safety and availability.

The switchgear-integration kit „e-con s.i. has a lot of features and new technologies which will offer you several characteristics to achieve an advantageous position in that field of business.

IDS-Technology will cooperate together with strategic partners world wide and grants them technical advantages as well as economic advantages.

Economic advantages

  • Limited number of licensees.
  • No market limitation. System can be offered worldwide.
  • Substantial price-advantage with a better and more improved technology.
  • Unique features make the system absolutely different from others.
  • Any make of electrical components can be fitted.
  • High potential to create added value.
  • Selected users may brand it for their benefit.

Safety is our philosophy - cost-efficiency
our task

Inspired and convinced by the safety-philosophy of important industrial producers the switchgear-integration kit „e-con s.i.“ is setting new limits to avoid an arc-fault. The solution of IDS-Technology does its work already at the very 1ST LINE of defence by the motto is focused on prevention to reach the aim: “give an arc-fault no chance”.

Our Areas & Specialties:

IDS-Technology GmbH specializes in the following areas: improved components for industrial, contact system, fixed switchgear system, MCC bus compatible systems, arc fault free, MCC’s (Motor Control Centers) , MCC bus compatible systems (i.e. profibus), arc fault free, type tested withdrawable, semi-withdrawable plug in type systems (i.e. Siemens, ABB Schneider Electric, Eaton, Rockwell etc.) and fixed low voltage and medium voltage switchgear and distribution boards.

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