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Advantages of the new MCC-Technology

  • Fraunhofercontacting-module with completely new and improved characteristics, constructed together with Fraunhofer-Institut Germany
  • central energy- und signal-transferwall - panel-width flexible.
  • contacting-module and vertical bus-section are linked to each other in such a way, that both parts form a hermetical encapsulated unit. (arc-fault free zone)
  • contacting-module has one size up to 315 A.
  • 75 mm unit-hight for motot-startes up to 22 kW.
  • general use for fixed-mounted; plug-in and withdrawable technology.
  • operating between disconnected-test-operating-poition is fail-safe.
  • power-contacting is independent by mechanical tolerances.
  • All technical innovations are registered and patented.

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