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The switchable contact-module carries all functions of a conventional drawer-cassette incl. 2x 4-pole power-plugs up to 315 A; control plugs; mechanical test and operating-position and necessary mechanical interlocking for fale-safe operation. A double unit will carry 630A. One unit with always the same size grants to limit additional mechanical work to an absolute minimum. An additional metal-plate is only necessary to carry the electrical components.

The switchable contact-module together with electrical switching and protecting devices installed on a common metal-plate creates the new draw-out –technology. Motor-starter up to 22 kW can be installed at a unit hight of 75 mm. Components up to 250 KW can be installed on unit-hight of only 225mm.

The movable and switchable contact-module forms together with the insulators of the vertical bus-section (busbar–module) and the cable-module an arc-fault –free zone.


It is easy to implement the “energy-and signal-transfer-wall” to existing panel frames. Together with the contacting module the whole system becomes a self protecting unit with highest characteristics concerning short-circuit and is additionally proofed by “IPH in Berlin” to be arc-safe. The vertical bus-section which is completely encapsulated from phase to phase, the individual cable-modules located where necessary are ready to take individual drawers in steps of 75mm. The “energy-and signal-transfer-wall” can be easily installed within each switchboard and makes withdrawable technology together with the contacting module available and this at the highest level of personal safety.

Motor-Starter 160 kW; in draw-out position


Motor-Starter 160 kW; in draw-out position

Drawer-compartment with shutter-system; completely arc-safe; even when the drawer is in operating position.

Completed drawer-unit with motor-starter up to 22kW with profi-bus connected to the vertical bus-section via busbar-module and cable-module.


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